4 threads and 4 posts + SETTING BY HABS Aug 16, 2016 16:59:48 GMT -6
welcome to anytown, usa. in this board you'll find everything you need to know - we call it the citizen handbook.
7 threads and 7 posts + QUICK UPDATE BY HABS Sept 14, 2016 13:04:17 GMT -6
any and all announcements can be found here. whenever we hold a sitewide event, you can find information here. you can also find stuff here about season-related plots.
0 threads and 0 posts + No posts have been made on this board
need help with something? post here. you can kind of post here for everything - help with a graphic, help with your application, help with a character idea, or just a suggestion.

Citizen Directory

12 threads and 14 posts + SKELTON, OWEN BY El Tipi Sept 18, 2016 9:01:01 GMT -6
post all finished and work-in-progress applications here. after posting in the notification thread, an admin will look over your app and move it accordingly.
35 threads and 69 posts + DONNAVIN, KRIS BY El Tipi Sept 20, 2016 21:03:02 GMT -6
all accepted character applications will be located here.
33 threads and 137 posts + Roll for stealth to see if you avoid social contact BY Karl Birmingham Apr 23, 2020 10:34:04 GMT -6
all plot discussions can be found here. you can also find areas for character development and thread trackers here as well.
6 threads and 34 posts + A Hard Day's Night [Seong Hee] BY GABIE McCARTHY Sept 18, 2016 19:07:03 GMT -6
all in-character communication can be put here.


3 threads and 5 posts + IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED... [c] BY Deleted Sept 16, 2016 14:33:40 GMT -6
the north end of anytown has most of the town's businesses, be it restaurants, stores and what else. however, a number of the buildings sit empty, waiting to be renovated into something new.
8 threads and 28 posts + The Creature roams the streets at night [EVENT] BY GABIE McCARTHY Sept 18, 2016 15:05:52 GMT -6
the industrial park is a stretch of land near the outskirts of anytown, filled with large empty factories. drifters from the nearby railroad tracks have made this place home.
4 threads and 15 posts + shaken not stirred, c BY RICHARD YEO Aug 25, 2016 21:10:32 GMT -6
while anytown isn't really a rich community, a number of well-off families live in the south of town, earning this area the name of baron heights after the housing development.
7 threads and 47 posts + meaning returns with the day [c] BY Deleted Sept 17, 2016 13:59:57 GMT -6
westside is the largest and most populous area of town, probably because it's so close to the anytown schools. it also has a bit of recreation nearby, as well.

Outside Anytown

1 threads and 3 posts + air traffic control, c BY james dunn wyatt Sept 6, 2016 9:03:25 GMT -6
want to play out something that happens elsewhere in the united states besides anytown? this is a good place to start.
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looking even farther than the us? use this board to play out stuff that happens other places in the world.
1 threads and 4 posts + king of diamonds, c BY SKYLAR ASTON Sept 14, 2016 9:36:19 GMT -6
don't feel like rping in the present day? use this board to rp far past or far future threads.
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sometimes we all like to indulge in a good au. this is a good place to play around with them.

OOC Area

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want to chat? have a going-away notice? want to play those super addicting forum games? this is your place.
138 threads and 154 posts + Aeipathy - An Ancient World RP BY JD May 3, 2019 3:07:43 GMT -6
ah, yes, advertising. oh, don't forget affiliation! if you're looking for either of those things, look no further.
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